Expert Activities

Consulting services are carried out into the following fields: traditional Engineering, crimes against the public administration, Valuation, Environments and especially Digital Forensics. Hundreds of consulting services have been conducted in Digital Forensic dealing also with social issues such as child pornography and illegal bets. Considerable services have been conducted in the telecommunication and Mobile Forensics field for which advanced equipment are available.  



Digital Forensics is a branch of digital forensic science dealing with the forensic digital evidence by means of a specific method. This method finds application in different technological fields: Computer, Phone Mobile and others technological devices that have a memory to be analyzed. With over twenty-years of experience into this field, the “Studio di Ingegneria Civino” (“Civino Engineering Firm)” has Hardware and Software expressly designed and constructed, continuously updated.

Traditional services in this field concerns: computer disks investigation, local and geographic network, data recovery, call traffic and data investigation of a mobile phone and support activities for criminal investigation department. 




 Transcription and speaker identification

Many investigation are based on wiretapping, monitoring of telephone (landline or mobile network) conversations or by means of a bug. Specific tools and knowledge are necessary to carry out reliable transcriptions and voice comparisons. Moreover, a dialectological and linguistic analysis integrates the transcriptions and the voice comparisons which are performed according to the acoustic-phonetic method assessing the strength of evidence.

Engr Sergio Civino is member of AISV (Associazione Italiana Scienze della Voce - Italian Association for Speech Sciences). Voice Identification finds application in different cases, such as false public alarm or identification of an unknown speaker. 




Kinematics and mechanics are at the base of the method for the vehicular accident reconstruction.

Modern hardware and software tools allow to report on paper or to simulate on a computer the dynamics of an accident which can be useful even to inexperienced persons.




Valuation of property, plant and software

The firm estimates properties and plants in the judicial and extrajudicial field. Particular attention has been focused on the software valuation through the Function Point estimation method.

Engr. Sergio Civino is member of GUFPI-ISMA (Gruppo Utenti Function Point - Italian Software Metric Association) which is an Association whose aim is the study, development and publishing of Metrics based on the Function Point.